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My road to improving my teaching ability has led me through classroom basics, presentations, lesson plans, conference and now at the doorstep of Instructional Design (ID).  Being  a health care provider who is dovetailing a teaching career into my resume of experiences I am looking froward to learning some educational theories and how to refine my recipe for education to produce reliable outcomes in my students.

I was introduced to ID by a teaching Mentor JB.  I know some rudimentary teaching methods and have lectured many times.  I realize that learning is first accelerated by a mentor who points us in the right direction and motivates us to learn more.

Instructional design is a field with several areas of specialization.  I took the time to conduct a review of Blogs in the area of ID.  This  literature review of the available resources and introduction into the various sub-specialties.  Let me discuss what I found on blogs and provide you with a review of the material.

Explorations in Learning & Instruction:   The Theory Into Practice (TIP) Database

This blog offers a no-nonsense list of educational theories, learning domains and suggestions for good instructional design.  The author, Mr. Greg Kearsley has a wealth of experience in software engineering, training consulting and in college level instruction.   The information listed seems to be trustworthy and the web site is not a funnel type site designed to sell products.

This is a web site I will probably refer to many times in the near future and recommend based on my initial evaluation.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog

The second site I reviewed was authored by Articulate who produces software to used to author learning management system modules used by professionals.  This web site offers salient tips on how to construct distance learning lessons and e-mail offers.  This web site does sell software but the information on the web site is still useful and unbiased.  Rather than a web site trying to sell you software by giving information this site is by a manufacturer of a quality software product making a genuine effort to help customers use their product to the fullest.   The suggestions do pertain to Instructional Design in general as well as specifically to Articulate.

I would recommend this Blog based on the reputation of the manufacturer and quality of the educational tools they produce as evidenced by presentations I have seen in conferences by Articulate.

Teaching with Technology @ Tufts

This blog is a simple once a week post by a professor from Tufts university who teaches social Media.  This site includes some information for the beginner on social media tools like second life, Web 2.o and how digital access is limited in Africa causing a “Digital Disconnect.”

This site seems less technology oriented with a social influence that would be appealing to a new student interested in an overview of ID or considering attending Tufts University.

I would use this site to give a interested student an introduction to ID.


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January 7, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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